Velkommen til Lægerne i Lind – engelsk version

Welcome to Doctors in Lind

On arrival at the doctor's office/consultation:
When you arrive at the doctor's office, it is important that you announce your arrival. You can swipe your health insurance card through our welcome terminal yourself or contact one of our secretaries at Reception. If you are an emergency patient, you should ALWAYS contact the secretaries at Reception. If you are prevented from showing up for an agreed consultation, please call and make a cancellation no later than on the same day, before 09:00.

Telephone consultation:
Monday - Friday: 08.00-09.00, calls are taken care of by both nurses and secretaries, who are helpful with advice and guidance, as well as deciding on any urgent need for medical consultation. For answers to various tests, contact the nurse during the above mentioned period. The doctors can be reached at e-consultation here on the website.

In the case of acute illness, the telephone is open from 13:00 to 16:00.

Emergency patient:
In cases of sudden illness, and thereby need of medical attention on the same day, please contact us by phone. This allows us to assess your need for medical care and plan for today's emergency patients. Our emergency times are every day from 10:00-13:00 and again from 14:30-16:00. Making an acute consultation time is done by telephone inquiries, only.

Urine samples/suspicion of cystitis:
If you suspect cystitis, or when you need to hand in a urine sample, you will be given a "urine container" at Reception and the secretary will inform further. You are also allowed to bring a urine sample from home, but you must be aware that it must be no more than 1 hour old. NOTE. A urine sample must always be handed in at all pregnancy examinations, before you are called in to the doctor. Urine samples are received only in designated containers.